Varieties of lie detecting tests

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As almost every one knows that lie detector test is nothing but polygraph test for crime case used to draw a particular conclusion. The polygraph machine is used in detecting the truth from the victims under series of questions about the crime. The polygraph set is a combination of various electronic devices combines in operation to get the output. The questions comprise of all important aspects of the incident. The data collected from the victims can be interpreted by the investigating team and tallies the victim is saying truth or not. The asked questions are prepared from the basic point of the incident, simply about the incident and around the incident.

Lie detector tests with its types

Like many tests performed the lie detection tests are of three types basically. Under their own considerations the polygraph tests are performed. This polygraph test has several relevant questions involved in the concerned crime. This type of polygraph test is mostly used in employment screening tests. Whether the candidate selected for the respective job is suitable or not. The accuracy of the obtained test is up to seventy-five to eighty-five percentage of the results. The polygraph tests of this kind are mostly eligible to use in hiring jobs, for specially offering higher cadre jobs in security and government posts. The name of the first test of polygraph is screening test.

Issue Based Polygraph Test

The second type of polygraph tests are specific issue polygraph test used for specific issues. The primary focus on performing this kind of test like robbery and killing a person on suspicious type case the police would start interrogating from the basic point of view. The accuracy of the test is good when compared to the screening polygraph test. The suspects should remain in the custody until their release.

The third kind of polygraph is multi facet polygraph test. Which consists of minimum of four question to maximum number of questions asked to suspected people. Clearly, the same set of questions are asked for the suspicious people individually. By using the multi faced poly graph performed on minimum of four people to determine the actual person who is involved in the crime.

Accuracy and reliability of lie detectors

Among the three different tests of lie detector tests the specific issue test is more accurate than the other two types of tests performed. Coming to the point of reliability and accuracy the should be performed under the expert accuracy can be found. The concerned examiner must be very cautious on giving the final conclusion.

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