Factors To Consider When Hiring A Toronto Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is one of the most intimidating processes anyone can go through. With lots of paperwork to handle, even the simplest mistake can make the application and approval process a lot longer than it should. Having an immigration lawyer to help with the processes however improves your chances of getting your visa approved. This however means looking into several lawyers before determining the best and most qualified one of the job. Some of the critical factors to consider when looking to hire a Toronto immigration lawyer are outlined below.

1. Expertise

Aside from licensing and certification, you need to look for a lawyer specializing in immigration cases in the city. With the complexities of immigration law, only an attorney with prior knowledge and experience in such cases can help your situation. This not only applies for visa applications but deportation cases as well. Hiring an expert immigration lawyer is the best decision you can make, and can really help your case.

2. Background and Reputation

Immigration cases can be quite sensitive and especially when one is at risk of deportation. For this reason and more, it is advisable to vet your lawyers carefully to ensure none has a red flag that could affect your case. You may need/have to dig into their professional information, such as when they were admitted to the bar, their reputation, and professional experience with clients. While certification and experience do matter when vetting these lawyers, you still need to run a few background checks on the same, and only go for the most reputable attorney you can afford. Maintaining a strong reputation can be a tough task for most lawyers. Nonetheless, the most reputable immigration lawyers here are not only respected but can also help build your case.

3. Availability And Legal Fees

Once content with the lawyer’s qualifications and reputation, you can then start discussing other factors such as legal fees. If possible, ask the few lawyers on your shortlist for a quote on the fees involved including immigration application fees. A good Toronto immigration lawyer will only charge a reasonable flat legal fee. You however need to look into more than just the legal fees when interviewing the candidates.

The lawyer’s availability is another factor you need to consider before making the final decision. Most immigration lawyers are always swamped with work �” you need to look for one with some time to spare to work on your case. The lawyer should have enough time to prepare diligently for your case. Getting a readily available lawyer will help him/her use all possible approaches for the case, and even go through the paperwork to ensure you didn’t miss anything during the application process.

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