Comparison between blinds and shutters

Everybody wants to control the sunlight coming into a person’s house. The two components which are highly useful in this function are blinds and shutters. Most of the people are very confused about which one is better to use and which one should be preferred over the other. Both of them have their pros and cons and are better from the other one in some way or the other.

What Is The Difference Between Blinds And Shutter?

As discussed above blinds and shutters are very similar though one major difference which differentiates between the two is that blinds are normally attached from the inside of the windows or are attached from the top side of the windows whereas shutters are permanently fixed into the windows. Shutter is also made of just wood or other such material whereas blinds can also be made out of clothes and other fabrics.

Blinds vs Shutters

Blinds vs. shutter are a debate which is catching a lot of heat in the recent times but is a debate which is nowhere near a solution. Let us see a few points where these two impactful windows solution are often compared with each other:

  • Though, both shutter and blinds increase the value of a house that is both of them beautify a house but shutter being more unique are somewhat more beautiful and beat blinds on this section.
  • Another characteristic which makes shutter more useful is that they are more permanent that is their durability is much more than that of a blind. Also they do not come with any attached strings or any other kinds of attachments which make them very child friendly and hence reduce the safety hazards.
  • There are many separate sections in a shutter. These sections are have different functions and can operate separately and hence provide excellent ventilations. Whereas the biggest problem in blinds is that the different sections cannot work separately and work as a whole. 
  • The biggest advantage of a blind is that they are very light in weight whereas shutters are heavy. Therefore shutter cannot be suitable for a few windows style also because of the weight they cannot be handled easily.
  • Blind take less space than shutter which can be an advantage for compact houses.

Choosing between Blinds and shutters can be no less than solving a Sunday crossword puzzle. At last it comes down to the personal preferences.

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