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The Stockholm is a capital of Sweden and most populous city in the Nordic countries.  The land has many beautiful things, buildings, beaches and tourist spots. The Stockholm is an intricate city with 14 different islands joint together in a network of 57 bridges where this makes it as a perfect place to experience its beauty with the help of original free Stockholm tour guides. At the original Stockholm tours they offer a comprehensive, informative and fun tour at a price that everyone can afford. The Stockholm city is a home to endless modern and innovation centre for fashion, arts, architecture and sustainability.

The Sweden old town is a tiny cobblestone street and the medieval aesthetics that is something out of a story book, complete with royal gardens and multiple palaces. When you join in the free Stockholm tour they explore the strong Nordic tourist places of the Stockholm Archipelago in which their tourist service includes the Norse adventures and Viking legends of kings, they will cover Stockholm’s famous attractions, stories of triumphs and tragedies, beautiful palaces and gardens and much more. Read more